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Emily* came to Harrogate Homeless Project in the summer of 2019. She’d been made homeless when her partner died and his family took possession of the home they’d shared, leaving Emily at an incredibly low ebb, feeling as though she had nowhere to go and with little hope. Harrogate Borough Council pointed her in our direction and, after spending a few nights in No Second Night Out, moved into a hostel room.

Rehabilitation and support

Our counselling service, Streetlight, helped Emily deal with past trauma and the loss of her partner. She started addressing her alcohol issues through counselling and with her support worker.

Over time, Emily regained her sense of self, revealing a lovely sense of humour and an appreciation of the support that was offered.

Moving on

Emily signed up to the Council’s housing waiting list and engaged well with the support in the hostel. Thanks to her positive approach to hostel life, Emily was offered one of HHP’s move on properties – a one bedroomed flat – which she loved and made her own with little personal touches such as ornaments and plants.

Growing in confidence

With support, Emily went from strength to strength. She stayed on top of her bills and budgeted her limited funds. She kept in touch with her family and regularly spoke to her eldest son who lived in another part of the country. Emily’s dream was to secure a Council flat which would be her permanent home. Just over 18 months after coming to HHP, Emily received the news she’d been waiting for – a one bedroomed Council flat was offered to her and she happily accepted.

Ongoing support

Emily’s support worker worked with Emily and the Council’s tenancy support team to help Emily move to her new flat. With assistance from other local charities and statutory funding, HHP helped Emily furnish her flat with all the essentials such as a washing machine, cooker, fridge-freezer, bed and sofa. Emily also received some funding to help pay for carpets and curtains.

Thank you HHP!

Emily is really happy with her new flat and extremely grateful to the staff at HHP for getting back on her feet.

She says they always had time to talk and joke with her and she doesn’t know where she’d be without HHP.

Emily is now looking to do some voluntary work whilst she continues to search for a job and is looking forward to having family and friends visit her in her new flat, which she’s very proud of.

Emily is still in touch with HHP and her support worker continues to do some outreach work with her while she settles into her new life.

* Not her real name

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