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I have been homeless many times over the years. This has been caused by alcoholism. Alcohol was my coping structure, so whenever I was particularly stressed (e.g. problems at work) I turned to the bottle.

The Harrogate Homeless Project helped me a lot via their SAFE (Service to assist Adults Facing Exclusion) project. I now have a home which is a permanent tenancy, my home is my castle. I had nothing to furnish it, so The Harrogate Homeless Project helped me furnish it. They helped me set up my bills; I am in credit now, I have a TV licence! Before doing anything now, I get my bills sorted. The Harrogate Homeless Project helped me access support services to help me realise properly about the addiction.

‘The hat keeps me warm, I got it from Springboard’.

‘I got the glasses through working with the Harrogate Homeless Project, I love to read every day and I can see so much better’.

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