The Hostel

The Hostel

Our hostel provides safe and secure accommodation for up to 16 homeless people in the Harrogate area. It also provides 24hr emergency relief for people being housed under the NSNO (No Second Night Out) scheme.

What Does The Hostel Provide?

Everyone that’s housed in our hostel has access to:

  • A furnished single bedroom of their own
  • A shared kitchen
  • A communal lounge
  • Shower and toilet facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • A meeting room

While staying at our hostel, you’ll also have access to a communal pantry, which is stocked by generous public donors. There are always breakfast foods available, and, depending on the donations that we receive, there are often ingredients with which residents can cook evening meals for themselves or each other as well.

All hostel residents are assigned a personal key worker when they are given a room. This key worker will help you to engage with the full range of services that we offer. More importantly, your key worker will help you on the path to achieving independent living – by offering tailored support, and advice on overcoming the issues that are preventing you from acquiring your own accommodation.

There’s a real sense of community in our hostel, and we actively encourage residents to help each other out whenever possible. People stay there for very varied lengths of time, depending on their own personal needs, with many making a transition back to accommodation of their own after engaging with our support strategies. We’re very focused on helping you to get back on your own feet as quickly as possible, and will do everything that we can to help you beat the challenges that you’re facing.

How do I get a room?

Hostel rooms are assigned on a case by case basis, based on your circumstances. You can apply for a room by attending the hostel in person (between 9am and 1pm every day) or by filling out the referral form found here.

What if there is no space?

If all of our rooms at the hostel are allocated, we will let you know as soon as one is vacated, and provide supporting services in the interim period. Our focus is always on helping our residents to get back on their feet, and find independent accommodation of their own, which means that rooms are freed up fairly frequently.

Where is it?

Our hostel is located on Bower street, in the centre of Harrogate just off East Parade. The full address is: 7 Bower Street, Harrogate, HG1 5BQ

Our hostel is currently manned by a team of hostel workers, night wardens, support workers and volunteers, all of whom play an essential part in supporting the homeless people who stay with us.

To find out how you we can help you, please fill in the referral form here, or attend the hostel between 9am and 1pm on any day of the week. Failing that, you can also call us on 01423 566900.

If you are interested in helping out at the hostel, and would instead like to volunteer, please see the How Can I Help? Section of our website, specifically the volunteering page, which contains more detailed information.

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