I Am Homeless

Are you at risk of becoming homeless? Do you know someone that is?

If so, we can help. We provide several different services for anyone who finds themselves in need of help with their immediate housing situation.

What We Do

Finding yourself in a situation where you have no where to call home is incredibly daunting and is likely to be a very distressing experience.

We are here for anyone who finds themselves homeless, and recognise that everyone will have experienced different circumstances to lead them to need help.

Even if you are not ready to accept an offer of accommodation in our hostel, we can still support you in many ways.

How Can We Help?

We have an experienced team of staff and volunteers who are here to listen and provide support should you need it.

Our Springboard day centre offers food, clothing, showers and laundry facilities to help out with the basics.  At Springboard you can also access services such as a GP drop in, specialist psychotherapy and counselling, a hairdresser, a podiatrist and even a drop in vet service.

There are dedicated support workers who you can talk to about your current situation and emergency accommodation can be arranged if it is needed, the emergency accommodation is at our hostel on Bower Street.


Our hostel on Bower Street offers 16 individual rooms with a shared kitchen and lounge, the dedicated staff and volunteer team ensure that there is always someone on hand if needed 24 hours a day.  Everyone in our accommodation has a support worker who will work closely with you (and any other sources of support you have) to help you plan your next steps and support you in taking those steps if needed.

We also have move on houses which can provide a stepping stone to independent living with added support from our staff and volunteers.

If you would like to find out more or if you are in need of our help please fill in the referral form here and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can contact us by phone on 01423 566900.

Our Programs

If you would like to find out more about any of our services please give us a call or drop us an email. You can also find our more about some of our services by clicking through to any of the following links:

If you’d like to learn more about our charity, you may also be interested in our “Who Are We” page, which offers a brief overview of our history, and the many things that we have achieved over the years.

Our Stories and Referal

On the ‘Our Stories’ page, you will find a brief overview of some of the people that we have worked with, to demonstrate some of the support we can offer, and provide some examples of what you might expect to find, should you send across an referral form.

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