How Are We Funded

How Are We Funded?

Like any charity, we rely on a mixture of public and private donors to fund our services, and provide the material resources needed to help the disadvantaged in our community.

We do receive some funding from the government, from schemes like No Second Night Out, and, more locally, from Harrogate Borough Council, all of which makes a huge difference to the people that we help everyday.

Our charity is mainly reliant on the public’s generosity though – It is the local community that provides the food, toiletries and furniture that we need to run our facilities, and it is public donations that enable us to provide the high level of support that we are dedicated to providing.

Without the local community’s generosity, their constant fundraising efforts, or their time, we would not be able to keep offering homeless people in the Harrogate area unrivaled support, so a huge thank you to everyone who has ever contributed money, time or goods.

Want To Help?

If you’d like to donate, volunteer or help us fundraise, you’ll find plenty of information over at the  How Can I Help? section of our site. We’d be very grateful for anything that you have to offer, whether that’s your free time, unwanted food, unneeded toiletries or money.

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