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No Second Night Out

We’re really proud to be part of the NSNO (No Second Night Out) initiative, which is geared towards ensuring that first-time homeless people never have to spend more than one night on the street.


The No Second Night Out allows us to offer a variety of services to first-time rough sleepers, including:

  • Emergency accommodation at our hostel
  • A place of safety, and somewhere to have your needs assessed
  • Advice, guidance and support in avoiding a rough sleeping lifestyle
  • An offer of sustainable accommodation through our resettlement pathway

If you are from outside the area, our NSNO funding will also allow us to help you reconnect with your own local community – putting you in touch with charities and agencies that can offer tailored support, and ensuring that you can get off the streets in a safe way.

If you are rough sleeping for the first time, and think you could benefit from our NSNO scheme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, by either using the referral form here, or calling us on 01423 566900.

If you know someone who is rough sleeping, you can also get in touch in the same ways. Doing so will allow us to help them avoid rough sleeping for more than one night, and could well help them on the path back to safe and secure living.