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I Am Homeless

Homeless? Know someone that is? If so, you’re in the right place. We’re a Harrogate-based charity that’s committed to helping homeless people get off the street, no matter their background, their story, or their specific needs.

We run a 16 bed hostel that provides safe and secure short-term accommodation. We provide emergency overnight accommodation in accordance with the ‘no second night out’ scheme, and we offer expert advice and planning that will help to get you back into your own accommodation in the long-term.

We also run a fantastic day service centre in the centre of Harrogate, where you will find hot and cold food, drop-in sessions for advice, showers, a laundry service and even some recreational classes.

Finding yourself homeless is incredibly daunting and can be one of the most intimidating and stressful things that you will ever go through. You are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome here though, and we promise that we’ll do everything that we can to get you back on your feet.

To find out how we can help you, fill in the referral form here and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can learn more about the individual services and initiatives that we offer by clicking through any of the following links:

If you’d like to learn more about our charity, you may also be interested in our ‘Who We Are’ page, which offers a brief overview of our history, and the many things that we have achieved over the years.

On the ‘Our Stories’ page, you will find a brief overview of the help that we’ve offered other homeless people in the Harrogate area, which should shed some light on the kind of support we offer, and provide some examples of what you might expect to find, should you send across an referral form.