Service to Assist those Facing Exclusion (SAFE)

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Service to Assist those Facing Exclusion (SAFE)

SAFE is a new extension of HHP services that aims to provide innovative ways of working to the most marginalised, vulnerable individuals experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in the Harrogate and Rural surrounding District.

A range of services will be incorporated within this service to provide the most appropriate support in each individual situation.

Methods will include personalised approaches, trauma informed care, link workers, housing first, strengths based approaches and a psychologically informed environment.

SAFE will offer an intensive, open ended service to over 25s who are experiencing severe, multiple complex needs including enduring mental health, crisis, personal trauma, criminal justice involvement (victims and perpetrators), street culture activities, substance use, entrenched homelessness and multiple exclusions from services.

Harrogate Borough Council has generously committed to funding the SAFE Project Leader post for 5 years.


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